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I know this may be a relatively new concept, but Air BnB is brilliant. We love it! Last summer we stayed in Air BnB accommodation right across the UK and Europe, and loved it. We are not big fans of staying in a room in someone's house, that is just a bit weird for us, so we book the entire house! It's cheap. You can book an entire home from about $50 per night in some places. And, they are all nice. They have been vetted, and they have reviews from previous guests, along with pics of the home. You get lots of information before you book, but honestly, don't worry - you and your family will have a great time, and get an entire house or apartment to yourselves for cheap!

We have just booked an entire week in a cottage in Malta for just $230. You can barely stay one night in a hotel in Malta in June for that, so we are laughing!

It's easy to find a great place to stay - almost anywhere in the world. Even in the USA there are new homes going on Air BnB every single day. Have a look on the website at homes in your city. I bet you never knew! But it will give you an idea of the standard. Bigger cities around the world will literally have over 50 or more homes to choose from, so there is bound to be one in your budget range ($50 to $65 per night).

Last summer we were able to get last minute entire homes - with just a few days' notice - in Spain and in Croatia - for cheap. The local hotels were either fully booked, or too expensive (over $100), so we stayed in entire homes in really good locations from $60 per night. It also meant we could buy local produce and cook in the home. Both of these accommodations had two separate bedrooms - which you seldom get in a hotel. Have I convinced you? Give AIR BNB a try, and you will love it - and save a fortune.

But, here's a great tip. Look for homes that do not charge a cleaning fee. There are more homes that don't charge an extra fee, than do. You just might have to search a few homes before you find one. That extra fee adds up if you are traveling. We operate an AirBnB in the UK, and we never charge a cleaning fee.


Yes, you don't have to stay in a Bed and Breakfast or a hostel to get a great room from just $40 per night.

In the UK, we recommend booking with TRAVELODGE. Yes, it's the same chain as in the US, but in Europe TRAVELODGE is quite highly regarded. They offer nice, clean, business and family friendly rooms from $40 to $50 per night right across the UK. BUT - you have to book early to get these prices. If you can plan 3 months in advance you should be able to secure rooms right across the UK between $40 and $50. There are even TRAVELODGE rooms in London from $60 - that's about $100 cheaper than a cheap hotel. There are also TRAVELODGE hotels near both London Gatwick and Heathrow hotels

If you book closer to your trip you will still find TRAVELODGE rooms around $100 which is still a good deal for London. And, rooms across the UK closer to the date can still be had for $60.

Another good chain to book in the UK or in Europe is

They offer good, clean rooms from $35 to $60 per night. They have a wide range of choices in most countries in Europe. You can find IBIS hotels in most of the major cities throughout Europe, but we advise early booking to get the prices quoted. When we have tried to get a room a couple days in advance we have had to pay over $100 - which doesn't sound too bad, but we find their rooms to be a bit small. TRAVELODGE rooms tend to be much larger. To get the best price click on IBIS BUDGET on their website.


OK, if you haven't listened to any of my advice, and you find yourself needing a room in the next few days, you can try HOTELS.COM - but our recommendation for short notice is

You can often find rooms across the UK and Europe from $40 to $50 for two star hotels. I just looked up hotels in Paris, France in two days time and I found basic, clean hotels from $40 per night.


It's always been the cheap choice for travelers across the UK and parts of Europe. You can book ahead, but those listed on sites like HOTELS.COM tend to be higher priced. They do have star ratings, so this is a good guide to the standard you can expect. Again, you will pay a much higher price on these website - because the owners have to pay a commission. Most B&B's - are not listed on websites. Try this website ...for UK B&B's.

To get the best deal on a Bed and Breakfast, if you are flexible, you can often just walk in the streets around a large city train station and you will see homes with signs in the window that say Vacancy. If they have room that day, they will offer you a better deal to fill their room. My problem with B and B is that the rooms can vary in standard, and many are just not up to scratch. And, the breakfast is hit or miss, and you may end up with a plate full of breakfast grease. However, there are many good B and B's with a variety choice for breakfast - but you won't know til you walk in the door.

Our recommendation if you want to stay in a home, or a room in a home is to look on